Surface Noise

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One of the main reasons I love vinyl is the sound quality, even the pops and the hiss, also known as “Surface Noise.”

The late John Peel sums it up best, “Somebody was trying to tell me that CDs are better than vinyl because they don’t have any surface noise. I said, ‘Listen, mate, *life* has surface noise.”

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Yoko is amazing.
Yoko’s art is thought-provoking. Her non-traditional approach to all of her projects are inspiring and refreshing. She is an outspoken feminist. A savvy businesswoman. Yoko has been an outspoken activist for peace and love for over 50 years.

I think the world of John Lennon, and he thought the world of Yoko. Therefore she has my love and respect. She did so much for John. She healed so much of his pain and fostered so much of his growth.

Over the years she has been misunderstood by many people, but through it all she has remained incredibly strong and always classy. Thank you Yoko!

Fun fact: In Japanese the name Yoko Ono means “Ocean Child.”


This is my vision of Paul McCartney’s “Sweet Loretta Martin.” Loretta is the quintessential 1970’s woman.  Her signature scent is Charlie with a hint of tobacco. Her 1974 Trans Am is Buccaneer Red, and it’s no accident that her trademark lipstick is almost the exact same sinister shade . She’ll crush your heart much like the cigarette under her heal. She aspires only to destroy the patriarchy and sip the best bourbon. Loretta’s Momma will just have to keep waiting; Loretta cares only for the open road.

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Prernah in Hindi means “inspiration.” This work was inspired by generations of musicians, artists, poets, and other creatives who’ve been inspired by The Beatles. Her tattoos are styled after the sleeves of George Harrison’s Sergeant Pepper band uniform. The warm orange, peach, and red tones were also chosen to reflect the color of George’s uniform. It seemed only natural that this piece be given a beautiful Hindi name in tribute to George’s deep appreciation for all things in Hindu religion and culture.

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