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I’m so happy with how this turned out! I’m experimenting with adding some washes of color, but I must admit I really like it this way. I’ve also discovered that both of my cats have an entrepreneurial side and would like to start this business for real. Though I suspect that they just want to be in charge of quality control.

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This is my vision of Paul McCartney’s “Sweet Loretta Martin.” Loretta is the quintessential 1970’s woman.  Her signature scent is Charlie with a hint of tobacco. Her 1974 Trans Am is Buccaneer Red, and it’s no accident that her trademark lipstick is almost the exact same sinister shade . She’ll crush your heart much like the cigarette under her heal. She aspires only to destroy the patriarchy and sip the best bourbon. Loretta’s Momma will just have to keep waiting; Loretta cares only for the open road.

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Polythene Pam

I’ve always been inspired by the diverse women featured in The Beatles’ music. From Eleanor Rigby to the unnamed lady in Norwegian Wood, wouldn’t you love to know more about these mysterious “birds?”

I’ve always pictured John Lennon’s “Polythene Pam” as a cigar smoking jazz club entertainer, in masculine attire, with underlying feminine qualities. She’s the type of headliner you’d find among the artistic crowd, in tiny clubs surrounded by neon lights, in cities like Hamburg, Paris, London, and of course Liverpool.

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